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Bangladesh Accord

Companies and trade unions agree on Accord on Fire and Building Safety for second term

Good news! The Bangladesh Accord (Accord on Building and Fire Safety in Bangladesh) is being extended beyond 2018. Tchibo is one of the signatories. This ensures that the measures taken to improve safety in the factories will continue to be monitored by independent bodies. Apart from workplace safety, the Accord also addresses the issue of workers’ rights.

The Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord is one of the biggest successes in the history to implement human rights in global supply chains.

In 2012, Tchibo negotiated the prototype of the Accord together with Philip van Heusen, Global Union INDUSTRIALL and the Clean Clothes Campaign. After Rana Plaza over 200 global companies entered the Bangladesh Accord.

With joint forces we have made Bangladesh factories safer. Since the installation of the independent inspection system there have not been any further fires or factory collapses. Tchibo also profited from this approach: we were able to identify and close a factory with collapse endangering after an earthquake, before any harm was done to the people working inside.

After 4 years, we have now extended the Accord with our partners for further 3 years. There is still considerable work to be done in many factories and we want to ensure that standards are maintained.

We are very happy with the Accord extension and are sure that we will jointly achieve our goals. As companies, we have shown that we can collaborate amongst each other and with the labour side. This gives us courage for those topics which we have on our agenda for the future as well – e.g. living wage – which we can only solve with a joint movement of all relevant stakeholders.





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